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Khiniza & Partners provides a comprehensive, integrated outsourcing service for occupational health and safety, Employee Assistance Programs on a national basis, compensation for injury on duty Administration (COIDA) and training and development Programs.


The  Employee Health and Wellness Programme empowers your employees to take control of their wellbeing, living more productive work lives and more enhanced private lives. With the EHWP, your entire workforce and their immediate dependents have access to 24/7/365 counselling services, provided in any of the 11 official South African languages.

The South African stress and Health study found that 30% of our adult population will suffer from a mental disorder over the course of a lifetime. Our psychiatric network offers a referral service. Benefits include the recommendation and referral of an employee presenting with possible psychiatric symptoms to a psychiatrist for a diagnosis and report. This will assist with optimal employee management and relevant workplace decisions.

With Performance Learning, your workforce will receive development and resilience training whilst simultaneously bolstering your company’s grit, growth and productivity.

Evidence indicates that early health, medical and work intervention is key in preventing and managing chronic health and wellness conditions that lead to incapacity or disability. Absence, Incapacity and Disability service utilizes early intervention and absence reporting to reduce incapacity and disability cases, mitigating the risks posed by absent employees.


Medical surveillance and health Evaluations on ad hoc basis as required.

The objective is to assist the client to comply with all safety regulations as well as investigation of incidents/ injuries, identification of unsafe work environments and preparation for the department of labour investigations. Involvement with the health and safety committee, safety Representatives and monthly reporting.